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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Love The One You're With

...by the legendary Mystic Moods Orchestra. Many of you propably know the band, but if not, learn more while youre listening to it:)

Mystic Moods Orchestra - Love The One You're With


01 - Love.mp3
02 - How Do I Love You
03 - Living Is Giving
04 - Lay Lady Lay
05 - Sensuous Woman
06 - Sweet Rollin'
07 - Another Dawn
08 - Warm Lovin'
09 - Good Feelings
10 - Love The One You're With

Enjoy! atleast i do.
and sorry about the shitty pics, my scanner broke down so i have to use my shitty camera for a while. my username on SoulSeek is frankyfrankenstein so drop me a msg if u want older records:) peace


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